Cold Storage is Hot Again

Data is quickly becoming the new currency in the era driven by social media, mobile applications, and devices. The potential value that can be derived from data using Big Data and analytics has just begun to be tapped. IDC forecast in the Digital Universe 2012 report that only 0.5% of potential Big Data is being analyzed, creating opportunity and unrealized value extraction. Storage infrastructures are requiring more capacity to store the increasing volume of data and retain the data for longer periods of time than ever. Cloud storage and Web-scale service providers have popularized the concept of using a single tier of storage for all data using commodity hardware and replicated data several times for data protection. IDC is observing a shifting trend in cloud and Web-scale architectures to a multitier storage strategy in order to sustain growth while maintaining existing data.

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IDC Digital Universe in 2020

Welcome to the "digital universe" — a measure of all the digital data created, replicated, and consumed in a single year. It's also a projection of the size of that universe to the end of the decade. The digital universe is made up of images and videos on mobile phones uploaded to YouTube, digital movies populating the pixels of our high-definition TVs, banking data swiped in an ATM, security footage at airports and major events such as the Olympic Games, subatomic collisions recorded by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, transponders recording highway tolls, voice calls zipping through digital phone lines, and texting as a widespread means of communications. With the rise of Big Data awareness and analytics technology, the digital universe in 2012 has taken on the feel of a tangible geography — a vast, barely charted place full of promise and danger. The digital universe lives increasingly in a computing cloud, above terra firma of vast hardware datacenters linked to billions of distributed devices, all governed and defined by increasingly intelligent software.

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